Top 10 best Village Bedrock Minecraft Seeds 2021


Let's take a look at the best Village Bedrock Edition Minecraft seeds 2021. This is a list of the top 10 seeds the community has voted for during 2021

Seed with a village with zombie inhabitants WITHOUT HOUSES !!!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -999975147
Seed: -999975147

village coordinates- (-511, ~ , -192.)

Two villages, one of them abandoned, a witch hut, and a stronghold underneath the abandoned village

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1323409552
Seed: 1323409552

Portal has two eyes of ender. The library is down the hall from the portal and has loads of enchanted books. There are also a few ender pearls in chests in the stronghold.

Shattered Savanna with Nether Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 741151456

Author: KezzaKat

Seed: 741151456

This seed has a broken portal, a village and like 6 biomes right near spawn so it is very cool :)

Abandoned Village at Spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1240865918

Author: SageRibardan

Seed: 1240865918

Abandoned village next to spawn, ruined portal at 814, x, -580, desert village next to rift at 968, x, -669, and the rift has a mine in it (rift location is 923, x, -609)

Spawn next to village with stronghold underneath

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1345014412

Author: Lion12

Seed: -1345014412

coords: 964, 52

Village + Stronghold + Spawner zombie + Abandoned mineshaft at one place

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -871338678
Seed: -871338678

There are 3 (!) villages with stronghold underground in this coord: X: 1,444 Z: -300; X: -1,180 Z: 548; X: -1,564 Z: -2,428