Top 12 best Speedrun Minecraft Seeds 2021


Let's take a look at the best Speedrun Minecraft seeds 2021. This is a list of the top 12 seeds the community has voted for during 2021

Shattered Savanna with Nether Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 741151456

Author: KezzaKat

Seed: 741151456

This seed has a broken portal, a village and like 6 biomes right near spawn so it is very cool :)

Zombie Spawner Is Open!!!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1129899281

Author: I cans not tell

Seed: -1129899281

coords: -770 64 808

I does not find this, I just post this seed on this website :| Go ahaid and make a zombie farm with this or whatever.

I've seen strongholds generated better than this fortress; 5-eye stronghold also included.

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 31653559
Seed: 31653559

coords: Fortress: 370, 1275; stronghold: 1450, 540

A seed with a crappy generated fortress AND an end portal with 5 eyes. Sadly, not really close to spawn...

Spawn Village by Jungle and Ruined Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 4082352609799830008
Seed: 4082352609799830008

When you spawn the first thing you see is the village, beyond it is a ruined portal and mountains, if you turn around you will spot the jungle and next to it a swamp. The loot is average in the village except one chest has a saddle and 4 emeralds.

Speedrun Map, Stronghold 1,400 Blocks Away

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 3967165671662554716

Author: Koi

Seed: 3967165671662554716

Double Stronghold Portals right next to each other

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1850928408
Seed: -1850928408

Credit to u/2unknowname2 the white Gloved-hand player (yes i am right) for this is mind-boggling stuff ever in the late November 2020 and i tagged this as a Speedrun by no means because there isn't Stronghold tag. And remember. That post remain intacted its "Featured" flair post but its won't visibled on the public flair the Reddit post (the fact because that user is deleted but not the post, however). And the main reason i did deleted my account on it because i am do not want to join into that popular Social Media and a couple of my minds problem in.

Spawn next to village with stronghold underneath

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1345014412

Author: Lion12

Seed: -1345014412

coords: 964, 52

Spawn in village near portal and badlands

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 8282090890818335098
Seed: 8282090890818335098

Spawn in the village, near u can find very huge badlands mountain (?). In radius ~200 blocks you can find another village and another portal

blacksmith village/ruined portal at spawn seed

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -938285885

Author: Ohm-vena

Seed: -938285885

spawn on a ruined portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 3906180490061066138

Author: mikli4546

Seed: 3906180490061066138

3 villages, 2 desert pyramids, nether portal, 3 hives, zombie spawner near spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 24140720

Author: Ege_Yardimli

Seed: 24140720

My reddit r/tt3gamer

Village + Stronghold + Spawner zombie + Abandoned mineshaft at one place

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -871338678
Seed: -871338678

There are 3 (!) villages with stronghold underground in this coord: X: 1,444 Z: -300; X: -1,180 Z: 548; X: -1,564 Z: -2,428