Top 15 best Mountains Minecraft Seeds 2021


Let's take a look at the best Mountains Minecraft seeds 2021. This is a list of the top 15 seeds the community has voted for during 2021

Plains with Village and Mountains fully surrounded in Mesa! with Jungle+Mushroom+Mesa at spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 2891592435749621609
Seed: 2891592435749621609

Original author: Killstepz Link: Comment: 2891592435749621609

Spawn on a mushroom island in a small ocean surrounded by ALL other biome types

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1083719637794

Author: Plebiain

Seed: 1083719637794

Author: Plebiain Seed: 1083719637794 Works in Java versions 1.12+ [Source]( Swamp is the only biome type that doesn't quite touch the coast but it makes up for it by having a [double witch hut](

Spawn in a little water pool next to a cave in a taiga biome

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -389886832
Seed: -389886832

I randomly found this seed nothing interesting but cool for building

Woodland Mansion Completely Surrounded By Mountains At Spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 4204673217456472314
Seed: 4204673217456472314

Video: Version 1.11+ Recorded on: 1.16.4 Seeds that are at spawn: 4204673217456472314 (shown in video) 1385982800675963130 Most connected mountains 3865214395543421178 lots of forest biomes 4218746966292005114 taiga mountains -5963891791192686342 big mesa westwards -2979975563083022086 dark hill biome instead, lots of dry biomes -903534659888512774 five different witch hut locations within 1100 blocks Other Dark Hill biome Instead: 2870481827847962874 hot/dry to the west -3347581882667138822 cool temperature biomes with far jungle Then the other ones that I'm not bothered to look through: 659214410809049338 1805099040998129914 1977080251768340730 2007479549253091578 2330612822516924666 2456995087060009210 2719329765354340602 2840082530363212026 2856408079012430074 3556154871115120890 3895613693028172026 4188347668807254266 4543287614439391482 4664040379448262906 4795770668548849914 4930597182393254138 6849130623653085434 7424746951026376954 7534803666920243450 8088746421086814458 8569787156285325562 9003821570373157114 -9214364822247341830 -8764849284440424198 -8282964124311781126 -8054406443222728454 -7526640861890248454 -6583981164886261510 -6301098813292052230 -5811332353815510790 -5575174848355270406 -4075757647417605894 -3981182055242825478 -3752624374153772806 -3630464234261348102 -3468334647676010246 -2591258620245606150 -1676183470959263494 -1457477414055083782 -1148417889626783494 -531143265700314886 -205758192622796550 Found by: mooing_cowmilk

A Beautiful Island For Survival

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 5343960576351651839
Seed: 5343960576351651839

Coordinates: First Ruined Portal: 248, ~, 328 Second Ruined Portal: -360, ~, -328 First Buried Treasure: 665, ~, 329 Second Buried Treasure: 393, ~, 441 Desert Island: 405, ~, 185

UFO sightings!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -4111939426465146624
Seed: -4111939426465146624

I didnt find this seed, i am only sharing it! OHMYGOSH! UFOS ARE REAL!!!!

Spawn Village by Jungle and Ruined Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 4082352609799830008
Seed: 4082352609799830008

When you spawn the first thing you see is the village, beyond it is a ruined portal and mountains, if you turn around you will spot the jungle and next to it a swamp. The loot is average in the village except one chest has a saddle and 4 emeralds.

semi sideways ruined nether portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1450088470

Author: Emtax

Seed: 1450088470

coords: 1440, ~, 1360

100 blocks east of a stronghold.

Amazing River, Island, Badlands, Ozean and Crazy Hill Seed

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 5306482674852017473

Author: Nice8ear

Seed: 5306482674852017473

I found this amazing seed. Perfect spawn with many rivers everywhere. This map has a pretty realistic vibe. Also there are multiple Lakes, awesome badlands locations, the Villages i found are very good placed and there is almost nothing missing on this map. There is also an island location, where multiple islands are scattered throughout an ice-ocean. Enjoy! This one is perfect for survival or very creative building. Mineatlas:

Many Biome Seed

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -8614560521890497523
Seed: -8614560521890497523

a very tall mountain , almost reaches build limit

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -6801639623332760362

Author: Rxn_i

Seed: -6801639623332760362

coords: 2509 246 -1707

hope you all have a great dat

All main biomes and village at spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -7404605241918712456

Author: Dogmemoji

Seed: -7404605241918712456

Village at spawn and more nearby and all main biomes except for jungle at spawn

Shattered savanna biome with floating islands right next to spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1889325069

Author: DarkChaos

Seed: 1889325069

Really cool seed I found!

spawn between village and ruined portal a shipwreck that leads to a treasure and a strange mountain piece from small mountain biome

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 338824790

Author: semmiederacer

Seed: 338824790

coords: '' 489 59 -262 '' coordinates from treasure

inside the portal chest is : 5 obsidian, 3 flint, fortune 2 golden shovel fortune 1 golden hoe, blast protection 4 golden helmet inside a random chest from the village : 1 emerald and some food inside the treasure :3 TNT, 7 cooked salmon, 14 iron, 2 diamonds, 6 emeralds, 1 heart of the sea inside the ship : 1 treasure map, and some paper