Top 15 best Village Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5


Let's take a look at the best Village seeds for version 1.16.5. This is a list of the top 15 seeds the community has voted for during 1.16.5

Spawn on Survival Island with 3 Villages!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -4060839488929676108

Author: BigBrain5Head

Seed: -4060839488929676108

Original author: BigBrain5Head Link: Comment: Java 1.16 to 1.17 snapshot Seed: -4060839488929676108 If you don't want the villages but want a big island: \-3318953131599230111

Spawn on village island with church on a flower forest hill

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -7448390833716662328
Seed: -7448390833716662328

Original author: Plebiain Link: Comment: Seed: -7448390833716662328 Works in Java 1.16+

Plains with Village and Mountains fully surrounded in Mesa! with Jungle+Mushroom+Mesa at spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 2891592435749621609
Seed: 2891592435749621609

Original author: Killstepz Link: Comment: 2891592435749621609

Double Blacksmith with Diamonds

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 8914693063551895428
Seed: 8914693063551895428

Coordinates: -860, 64, -444

Mega Taiga Village with Huge Cave Opening

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 2982485767214393702
Seed: 2982485767214393702

A taiga village that ends up bleeding into a mega taiga biome, in a sort of crater. To the bottom right you can see the cave entrance, which leads into a very spacious cave, a church has been demolished to let you see it as it is otherwise floating over the entrance.

Your Next (Wierd) Survival!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 135566897806298
Seed: 135566897806298

You should be able to see it all at 4 71 88 :)

Spawn Village by Jungle and Ruined Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 4082352609799830008
Seed: 4082352609799830008

When you spawn the first thing you see is the village, beyond it is a ruined portal and mountains, if you turn around you will spot the jungle and next to it a swamp. The loot is average in the village except one chest has a saddle and 4 emeralds.

Spawn in village near portal and badlands

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 8282090890818335098
Seed: 8282090890818335098

Spawn in the village, near u can find very huge badlands mountain (?). In radius ~200 blocks you can find another village and another portal

blacksmith village/ruined portal at spawn seed

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -938285885

Author: Ohm-vena

Seed: -938285885

Amazing River, Island, Badlands, Ozean and Crazy Hill Seed

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 5306482674852017473

Author: Nice8ear

Seed: 5306482674852017473

I found this amazing seed. Perfect spawn with many rivers everywhere. This map has a pretty realistic vibe. Also there are multiple Lakes, awesome badlands locations, the Villages i found are very good placed and there is almost nothing missing on this map. There is also an island location, where multiple islands are scattered throughout an ice-ocean. Enjoy! This one is perfect for survival or very creative building. Mineatlas:

Spawn in village, near spawners and buried treasure

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1100130131962411975

Author: Dogemoji

Seed: 1100130131962411975

Buried treasure: 249, -119 Spawners: (X: 204 Y: 25 Z: -84) zombie, (289 Y: 27 Z: 3) spider, (X: 341 Y: 35 Z: -130) zombie.

Portal and Village at spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -3463351170953308908

Author: Dogemoji

Seed: -3463351170953308908

Portal and ruin within 50 blocks of spawn. Portal loot: Mending Sword, Curse of Vanishing Hoe, and flint and steel Village has 1 blacksmith with 2 iron ingots, 1 bread and an iron pickaxe, other houses have 6 bread, 1 poppy, 7 apples, and 3 potatoes.

Spawn by 2 villages and ice spikes biome

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 886925522416857401

Author: Dogemoji

Seed: 886925522416857401

Two villages, one at 50, 50 and at 200, -250, and ice spikes at spawn

All main biomes and village at spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -7404605241918712456

Author: Dogmemoji

Seed: -7404605241918712456

Village at spawn and more nearby and all main biomes except for jungle at spawn