Top 5 best Ocean Minecraft Seeds 1.16+


Let's take a look at the best Ocean seeds for version 1.16+. This is a list of the top 5 seeds the community has voted for during 1.16+

Elder Guardian Inside Library (Stronghold Inside An Ocean Monument)

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1886445293915378035
Seed: 1886445293915378035

Video: If knowledge is power, then this is the most powerful elder guardian I have ever come across. Seed: 1886445293915378035 Version: 1.16+ (doesn't work earlier since ocean monument over rights stronghold) Tp command: /tp @a -1700 70 -450 Found by mooing_cowmilk

Village House Inside Iceberg At Spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 3182788383883649913
Seed: 3182788383883649913

Video: I was looking into something else when I found a seed that almost had this. So looking into the idea more I found these. Version: 1.16+ (older versions don't have the same house layout) Recorded on: 1.16.4 Seeds: 3182788383883649913 mesa with mushroom island SW (shown in video) 7540865448294736761 swamp -8266487768798993543 land ruin and buried treasure -5092294456432925831 nearby mountain and mushroom island east/south Found by: mooing_cowmilk

Prebuilt Adventure Map Seed | Sole Survivor Of Burning A Shipwreck And Much More

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 9182558165237586472
Seed: 9182558165237586472

Video: This has been my most ambitious seed and video making project I have ever done (spend at least 5 hours on just the replay path). Special Thanks goes to Flourish for seed searching and coding to find this seed after my long time desire to find a burning shipwreck seed. The video was only going to be just the ship but once I played it in survival one thing lead to the next like a quest or storyline causing the effort demand to go through the roof. Any of these features would have made a good seed but having them all in one is just wow.... Each structure leads to the next one: Spawn at burning shipwreck, treasure map buried treasure next to exposed spawned tall ice spike hills biome with village on one (2 blacksmiths) just below surface spawner ruined portal where materials in chests makes it light-able ocean ruin with breaking of kelp ocean monument mushroom island biome another ocean monument There may be more that I missed... Seed: 9182558165237586472 Version: 1.16+ Recorded on 1.16.1 Flourish (structure seed founder and coder):​ Music/audio: Intro/loading part:​ Ending song: MINECRAFT| C418 --- Blocks (Minecraft Music Discs)

A Beautiful Island For Survival

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 5343960576351651839
Seed: 5343960576351651839

Coordinates: First Ruined Portal: 248, ~, 328 Second Ruined Portal: -360, ~, -328 First Buried Treasure: 665, ~, 329 Second Buried Treasure: 393, ~, 441 Desert Island: 405, ~, 185

Ultra-tiny mushroom village at spawn :)

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -7910009795522175158

Author: ricecake1111113

Seed: -7910009795522175158

coords: 0, ~, 0