Top 5 best Speedrun Bedrock Minecraft Seeds 2021


Let's take a look at the best Speedrun Bedrock Edition Minecraft seeds 2021. This is a list of the top 5 seeds the community has voted for during 2021

Shattered Savanna with Nether Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 741151456

Author: KezzaKat

Seed: 741151456

This seed has a broken portal, a village and like 6 biomes right near spawn so it is very cool :)

Zombie Spawner Is Open!!!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1129899281

Author: I cans not tell

Seed: -1129899281

coords: -770 64 808

I does not find this, I just post this seed on this website :| Go ahaid and make a zombie farm with this or whatever.

I've seen strongholds generated better than this fortress; 5-eye stronghold also included.

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 31653559
Seed: 31653559

coords: Fortress: 370, 1275; stronghold: 1450, 540

A seed with a crappy generated fortress AND an end portal with 5 eyes. Sadly, not really close to spawn...

Spawn next to village with stronghold underneath

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1345014412

Author: Lion12

Seed: -1345014412

coords: 964, 52

Village + Stronghold + Spawner zombie + Abandoned mineshaft at one place

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -871338678
Seed: -871338678

There are 3 (!) villages with stronghold underground in this coord: X: 1,444 Z: -300; X: -1,180 Z: 548; X: -1,564 Z: -2,428