Top 6 best Beach Minecraft Seeds 1.16.5


Let's take a look at the best Beach seeds for version 1.16.5. This is a list of the top 6 seeds the community has voted for during 1.16.5

Good island for survival

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -762586572935885349
Seed: -762586572935885349

You spawn on small island w/ iron and deep cave. Ocean-locked mushroom in 500 blocks

Pretty plains surrounded by river + flower forest + dark oak forest + swamp

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -134206549265665040

Author: Seasonny

Seed: -134206549265665040

coords: Spawn

Many islands in a frozen ocean

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -296

Author: pseudonym

Seed: -296

coords: spawn

A classic archipelago seed, having a shipwreck just off of the main island.

Amazing River, Island, Badlands, Ozean and Crazy Hill Seed

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 5306482674852017473

Author: Nice8ear

Seed: 5306482674852017473

I found this amazing seed. Perfect spawn with many rivers everywhere. This map has a pretty realistic vibe. Also there are multiple Lakes, awesome badlands locations, the Villages i found are very good placed and there is almost nothing missing on this map. There is also an island location, where multiple islands are scattered throughout an ice-ocean. Enjoy! This one is perfect for survival or very creative building. Mineatlas:

All main biomes and village at spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -7404605241918712456

Author: Dogmemoji

Seed: -7404605241918712456

Village at spawn and more nearby and all main biomes except for jungle at spawn