Top 6 best Ocean Minecraft Seeds 1.16


Let's take a look at the best Ocean seeds for version 1.16. This is a list of the top 6 seeds the community has voted for during 1.16

Ship stuck in iceberg

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1430770779080334000
Seed: 1430770779080334000

coords as shown (-343 488)

Shattered Savanna with Nether Portal

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 741151456

Author: KezzaKat

Seed: 741151456

This seed has a broken portal, a village and like 6 biomes right near spawn so it is very cool :)

Floating Andisite :|

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -6168063559864021900

Author: I cans not tells

Seed: -6168063559864021900

I didnt find this seed, im just sharing it. This is a perfect start to building a floating whatever over the water. :)))))))))))))) Also there is a taiga i guess...