Top 6 best Plains Bedrock Minecraft Seeds 2021


Let's take a look at the best Plains Bedrock Edition Minecraft seeds 2021. This is a list of the top 6 seeds the community has voted for during 2021

Spawn in a little water pool next to a cave in a taiga biome

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -389886832
Seed: -389886832

I randomly found this seed nothing interesting but cool for building

Two villages, one of them abandoned, a witch hut, and a stronghold underneath the abandoned village

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1323409552
Seed: 1323409552

Portal has two eyes of ender. The library is down the hall from the portal and has loads of enchanted books. There are also a few ender pearls in chests in the stronghold.

My survival realm

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1200545283

Author: Rainxlegend

Seed: -1200545283

coords: 1800 -2403

Island with Zombie Spawner and Treasure Chests

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1471982004

Author: Dogmemoji

Seed: -1471982004

Video: Treasure Chests:* There also is a lot of nearby underwater ruins, 3 shipwrecks, and a Ocean Temple. *this does not show the spawner due to an error in the bedrock version of it.