Top 6 best Snowy Tundra Minecraft Seeds 2021


Let's take a look at the best Snowy Tundra Minecraft seeds 2021. This is a list of the top 6 seeds the community has voted for during 2021

Spawn on a mushroom island in a small ocean surrounded by ALL other biome types

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1083719637794

Author: Plebiain

Seed: 1083719637794

Author: Plebiain Seed: 1083719637794 Works in Java versions 1.12+ [Source]( Swamp is the only biome type that doesn't quite touch the coast but it makes up for it by having a [double witch hut](

Jungle Temple And Igloo Only 1 Block Apart At Spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 4896327588626842641
Seed: 4896327588626842641

Video: This seed was one out of 664 BILLION seeds checked at the time of checking in on it's process a day later, so this is quite the rare seed. Very lucky that the seed has the world spawn near it. Seed: 4896327588626842641 Version: 1.13+ Recorded on: 1.16.1 Found By: mooing_cowmilk

Desert Pyramid Right Beside/Next To A Snowy Igloo

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -1608910966877997310
Seed: -1608910966877997310

This is a extremely very rare seed. I ran sassa for 10+ hours straight and this was literally the only seed it found. Lucky it happens to be at spawn as well. Video: Seed: -1608910966877997310 Version: 1.13+ Recorded on: 1.16.1 Found by: mooing_cowmilk

Prebuilt Adventure Map Seed | Sole Survivor Of Burning A Shipwreck And Much More

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 9182558165237586472
Seed: 9182558165237586472

Video: This has been my most ambitious seed and video making project I have ever done (spend at least 5 hours on just the replay path). Special Thanks goes to Flourish for seed searching and coding to find this seed after my long time desire to find a burning shipwreck seed. The video was only going to be just the ship but once I played it in survival one thing lead to the next like a quest or storyline causing the effort demand to go through the roof. Any of these features would have made a good seed but having them all in one is just wow.... Each structure leads to the next one: Spawn at burning shipwreck, treasure map buried treasure next to exposed spawned tall ice spike hills biome with village on one (2 blacksmiths) just below surface spawner ruined portal where materials in chests makes it light-able ocean ruin with breaking of kelp ocean monument mushroom island biome another ocean monument There may be more that I missed... Seed: 9182558165237586472 Version: 1.16+ Recorded on 1.16.1 Flourish (structure seed founder and coder):​ Music/audio: Intro/loading part:​ Ending song: MINECRAFT| C418 --- Blocks (Minecraft Music Discs)

Jungle, Taiga, snow biome

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 8834244342986040687

Author: ShulkerByte08

Seed: 8834244342986040687

All main biomes and village at spawn

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -7404605241918712456

Author: Dogmemoji

Seed: -7404605241918712456

Village at spawn and more nearby and all main biomes except for jungle at spawn