8 Rivers Intersecting At Spawn! | Features Village, Pyramid & Ruined Portal

Video: https://youtu.be/DETAwPANsoo You thought those 6 river ones for bedrock were cool. Well you will be surprised when I told you I found 4 seeds that has eight rivers, all at zero zero and 2 being at spawn! Also the seed I show in the video also has a village, desert pyramid and ruined portal just off two of the rivers. Version: 1.7+ (works ever since 2013) Recorded on: 1.16.4 Seeds (Java only): 4609915487438182043 (shown in video) 6457035965742463354 (shadow seed of ^, has village) -3086454800761284965 (same structures in video but mountain north and shattered savanna to the south) -4293337819767621254 (shadow seed of ^) Extra one: 7087458232445376155 (forest but looks like islands due to surrounding ocean)