Auto Kill Pigs | Single, Double & Triple Kills | At Spawn!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed 7751057504780564790
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Video: For fun to effort ratio with making this was one of the highest. I wasn't specifically looking for this but one thing lead to the next. Death rate is not 100% due to pathfinding RNG, may take multiple attempts to be successful. Death by haybale Seeds (version 1.16+): -2357981013197117338 single, shown in video, woodland mansion 8357771350177556582, single kill by hay, mountain and swamp village -5768894780976846746 single kill by hay, lots of mountains/mesa 8870055807790950502 double kill by hay, Shown in video Death by oak tree (version 1.16.3+, due to tree generation changed): 2738269644540492086 double kill by oak, Seed shown in video 61724090998864182 double kill by oak, has mountain around swamp 1686960606526191926 double kill by oak, nearby snow/taiga -6964454277652530890 double by oak, nearby snowy tundra & bay -5920463589032707786 double by oak, nearby woodland mansion -3792794240076859082 double by oak, nearby shipwreck Triple Kill (version 1.16.3+, due to tree generation changed): 7751057504780564790 three sides ocean with dark mountain south Found by: mooing_cowmilk