broken bed

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Screenshot of the minecraft seed 1088628457484010039
-369, 68, -251
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i found this broken bed but then i remove a block what doing it broken ( 50% ) the bed breaks. i found new block! 50% bed - 50% sandstone! so funny because u spawn on mangrove swamp and then you go to the up u see a vilage with ruined end portal. then if you go up u see a pyramid with good loot. then u again go up and u see another vilagge with another pyramid! in the second vilage u can find broken bed, and in the pyramid you find 2 enchanted books with good enchant! ( first i saw a power 3 + fire 1, then i saw piercing 2 and efficiency 2 + lure 2 and loyalty 3! And u get a diamond horsse armor. Then 2 Smithing Template. in another chest you everytime get 2 golden apples. then a chest with a bones and trash chest with 2 bones and 14 rotten flesh. plus sand from every chests.