Fossil Inside Desert Temple

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When you spawn into the world, you will be in a plains next to an ocean and a desert. You will be next to a village. Follow one of the paths into the village and walk around. In the desert you will see a desert temple. Enter the temple. Go into the section of the temple with the four chests and TNT trap. Mine the pressure plate which activates the TNT trap. Mine the block below the pressure plate. You will see a fossil block. Mine it, and you will find that the TNT in the TNT trap is inside a fossil ribcage. This seed is for the 20w14infinite snapshot which has infinite random dimensions. Came across this seed trying to do a speedrun using the infinite dimensions snapshot. The amount of TNT will be different every time you make a world with this seed. In this example, there was no TNT found when the floor was removed. The village has a librarian, some farms with beetroot, carrots, and wheat, two stonemasons, and some small houses.