Giant Surface Cave That Goes Deeper Underground

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Posted 4/8/2021. This default world spawns you in a taiga biome with a swamp very close by. The cave shown is also steps away from spawn and it has lots of coal and iron to start you off. You just have to be careful about the shadows as hostile mobs will spawn there right when you log in (have you spotted the enderman yet? lol.) The pathway leading underground underneath the pond also doesn't go too far but it's perfect for strip mining. Then if you go into the pond and around the corner there's a bit of a shattered mountain side and a covered pond area. I just thought it was an interesting landscape and I'm curious about what could be built here. If you find something to create maybe let me know what you made in the comments? :) Optifine, SEUS Renewed, and BetterVanillaBuilding are also used.