Seed request (I know this is not a seed but I really need this one seed)

Screenshot of the minecraft seed Any seed
Any coordinates (as long as it is kinda near to the spawn)
Any seed
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Can someone please find me a seed like this, please? It would be really appreciated! I would prefer it to be a little bit away from spawn instead of right on top of spawn (I know the old building thing in the village is confusing but it is a glitch that I have seen before) If you find a seed like this, please either post it in the comments section or on this website along with the coordinates of the village. It would be really appreciated! Please don't delete this post or ban me from this website because tommorow I'm going to share the best seed I have ever found on this so yeah. Thanks. And to the people who made this website, this is the best seed website ever! (For real.) Thanks :)