Swirl Into the Middle of Several Biomes

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Posted on 4/8/2021. This default world spawns you into what I like to call "the swirl" of several biomes. First you have this exposed cave (can hardly call it that tbh) located in the mountains and an amplified-looking dark forest to the right (sorry the trees there are glitching. -.-') Just above that is a tall birch forest with a big lake, and heading to the left there are the usual forests oak and birch. Going off-screen back into the mountainside also leads to wooded mountain terrain so you have at least 4 types of wood to choose from logging in. And see that cave entrance sitting underneath the forest? Don't let it fool you with how simple it looks; it's a whole maze going underground! Oh, and have you spotted the enderman yet? ;) Optifine, SEUS Renewed, and BetterVanillaBuilding are also used.