This Bedrock Edition seed is the only seed to contain all 66 overworld biomes within 2,048 blocks of 0,0

Original author: Delvin4519 Link: Comment: Seed: 3568659533 (Bedrock will automatically convert it to a negative seed as noted in the screencap) I just use cubiomes viewer and just scan for Java 1.12.2 seeds that fall within the 32-bit range, then inputting them into chunkbase. I scanned all the seeds in bedrock edition. initially 11 seeds met the all 57 biomes for 1.12.2, but because of [MCPE-69322](, all the other seeds are duds. This is the only seed, but there is no Ocean Monument within the 2048 bounding box, and you also spawn outside the analyzed area 3,000 blocks away. If you don't care about Bamboo Forest Hills but need to spawn inside the analyzed area with an ocean monument, seed 3582669824 would do the job (no Bamboo Forest Hills). This is the limitation of having only 4294967296 seeds on Bedrock Edition. All 66 biomes within 2k of 0,0 --> Seed: 3568659533