Ultimate Biome Seed - Mesa, Corals, Hills, Savanna + Village and more!

Screenshot of the minecraft seed -562179930
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1.13+ (works on 1.16)
This is a perfect seed for a new survival world! World spawn is at the plains near the dark oak biome. COORDINATES: Broken Portal -- https://imgur.com/a/7gQd9QX Coords: -448 65 89 or West-North from spawn. You can check the chest loot by copy-pasting that imgur link. Village -- https://imgur.com/a/5vWJs1o Coords: -509 72 374 or West-South from spawn. Sadly there's no blacksmith. Cave Spider spawner on surface -- https://imgur.com/a/UwyOoX2 Coords: -12 69 21 or North-East from spawn. Hope you like it and have fun :)!